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Crazy European Festival Run - Network and learning at European Panels for Industry and Culture activ

My every year Film Festival - Camerimage (from 2006 to today - each year full time)

Camerimage 2016 - like every year since 2006

The Baltic Event - At PÖFF - Black Nights Film Festival 2016 - Tallinn (Estonia) - I was there a lecturer about the Creative Europe Supported - Educational Workshop of Poland - FilmSpringOpen

First Time at the Black Night Film Festival at Tallinn (Estonia) - The (Super Amazing) Baltic Industry Event 2016

At the IFFR Pro Days, I had the chance to be at each offered Panel learned and promoted to filmmaker from around the world the amazing opportunity to prepare their next projects at FilmSpringOpen

I visited all the Industry Panel´s at the IFFR Pro Days - the input was amazing

A little overview ... the panels at IFFR have bin super amazing ... there I transformed more and more to a half Director / half Producer Person

Panel´s Panel´s Panel´s ...IFFR Pro Days

At the Berlinale 2017, I just bought the normal Badge ... because the EFM was with this already accessible and I could start to approach each European Country Representation with my Project and asked them for possible Director Names or Info material about Directors of their Country in general.

The EFM was the Staring Point to step out of the shadows with "United Voices of Europe"

When in my region the FilmBüro NW lunches a Panel about political Filmmaking I had to be there.

At March i visited the Film and Polit Forum at Cologne

Cannes is the Superlative of Film Markets - I applied for the free badge - and I got it - my Goal was to network and to be at the European Film Forum and meet others who believe in Europe and work for it by the medium of film.

At May - Cannes Film Festival at the European Film Forum

My Diplomfilm "Back and Forward INC." at an International Film Festival Competition - @ In the Palace 14th - Balchik (Bulgaria) - I applied for travel support for this 2500KM trip away of my home town at AG Kurzfilm -> AND -> I got the travel support ... again a big "Thank you" to AG Kurzfilm

Road Trip to Balchik for the International Short Film Festival - In the Palace - as Invited Director with my Diploma Film - Back and Forward INC.

My Page at the Main Cataloge

a short Review at the Daily Print

With the Support of the AG Kurzfilm to represent my German Short Film at a International Film Festival

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