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Volumetric SUMMER SALE
Volumetric Full Body Recordings for a fixed price of just 2000€.
This discounted offer is about a 80% discount !!!
Valid only: 1st July 2024 - 15th August 2024.



My normal price formular is as follows:
1200€ a working day (for example, buid-up /lighting, matching, test rendering / and then each recording day) 

1200€ per minute of asset

Then the regular formula was if I traveled to you and recorded at your location, you had to offer a particular location plus certain lights ready to use. I would build up and match and light and test render and eventually reposition the sensors again according to the performance and would test render again. This process would last two to three days, to secure the best possible quality and then recording would start. Then I would typically go only for achieving four hero minutes a day with several rehearsals before and between and do test recordings and several (but only a few not endless) takes. I would advise going for an 8-minute project to spread the recording over two recording days to get the most out of your performer. 


This package would then cost:

                        (4 days of working  = 4800€)  +  (8 hero Minutes = 9600€) = 14.400€ 

                        (5 days of working  =  6000€) + (8 hero Minutes = 9600€ ) = 15.600€

So, this Summer Sale offer is an extreme discount, and you need to be well prepared to get the most out of it. 


I offer in my private office stage what is  pre-rigged / pre-light / pre-tested 
a one-day session

what would be by my normal formula still :

(1 working day = 1200€) + 6-8 Minutes = 8400€ - 9600€ = around 10.000€

and during the Volumetric SUMMER SALE only 2000€.

Now you know and understand how special my offer (as a get-to-know offer) is. 

... and yes if you want you can book several Summer Sale Days and do a really big project ... 

... now to my background as Volumetric creator ...

Since 2021, I have been offering volumetric recordings for various productions.

I am a graduated cinematographer / Diplom Designer for Cinema and Television focusing on visual communication. I have worked in classic films and international film workshops (e.g. Film Spring Open) as a visual innovation film language teacher. I found my way to VR and XR through my function as a traveling ambassador of the same (these days European Media program funded) film education workshop, which led me to Venice VR Island (already in 2017). Since then, I have analyzed and experimented in this field, and since 2020, I have mainly focused on volumetric assets and how they can be used for XR storytelling. Since 2021, I professionally recorded as well for clients' volumetric full-body assets. I improved my results over years of experiments, and my expertise enriches the results for others.

Summer Sale bullet points:
- a fixed price of 2000€ (for German customers plus KSK),
- full body volumetric asset with 8-azure-sensor setup,
- 1 day session (8 hour day),
- 6-8 minutes (final length) export asset,
- max recording 24 min spread over the day from which we pick the export minutes,
- 2K texture export from 8 x 4K recording resolution,
- a stabilized mesh / compressed asset type with a player compatible with UNITY 2022.3.23f1 and UNREAL 5.1 /

  Web & Android support,
- an invoice with the subject of an artistic consultation session about using volumetric assets and an asset belonging

  to that consultation,
- The RAW footage either is deleted afterward or stays with me for a potential request by you for a different export

  type. (Then I would charge a hard drive buying fee and later different fees according to the more time-consuming

  high-class export types).



Either you come and record an asset for your prep, demonstrator, or visual quality proof for a fund or you come with your talent, and we record your hero assets for your experience in my recording area.

Contact me beforehand to talk about the recording you want to achieve.


Please note the following payment terms:
upon agreeing to the deal via email, you will be required to make a payment of 1000€ several days before our recording session. Subsequently, a second invoice for 1000€ will be issued before you receive the download link, which will be provided the next day or, at the latest, 2 days after the completion of our recording day.


A personal note:
my passion is analyzing and transforming various media inputs into other media outputs and specifically adapting their language for storytelling.

I always try to follow a quote by Goethe:
“The beginning and end of all artistic activity is the
reproduction of the world around us through
the world inside of us.”


How to travel to Essen, Germany:
-by plane: to Düsseldorf or Dortmund airport and on by car around 1 hour (maybe I could even pick you up)
to Eindhoven (Netherlands) is around 2 hours by car
-by train: from Paris North 5-6 hours (Thalys train)
from Brussels 3 hours
-by car: from Amsterdam, 2-3 hours

Tel./WhatsApp: 00491788363079

Greetings, and looking forward to welcoming you.

Mart(i)n Demmer

And here the Summer Sale Volumetric Asset running on an Quest 1 standalone ! ... means it runs on 2 and 3 easy as well ... 

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