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Thanks to Isabel de Peuter Rutten, whom I met during Stereospia, finally IRL, I went /got invited to the Immersive Tech Week Rotterdam 2023.

If you don't know Isabel, here is an amazing Artikel by "XRMust" Hero "Mathieu Gayet"

XRMust - About immersive storytelling - “XR is first and foremost a community moving forward together into the future” - Isabel De Peuter-Rutten (Euromersive)

I had another time chance to exchange thoughts with another Volumetric mind "François Bouille" the volumetric mind behind the "French touch factory" French Touch Factory – VR and AR experts – 3D, 360 vidéo, programming.

We met in Venice at the Immersive Island, and it clicked ... two volumetric video nerds talking facts ...


Thanks to Isabel, I met several others from the fantastic community Euromersive. 

Home | EUROMERSIVE | European Federation of XR Professionals

Among others, I had excellent talks with:

"Stefan Bandalac" - seamless systems ( 

We talked about different excellent system attributes and travel cases

to make my volumetric field session more comfortable :)

Then, at a Dinner Event, I met a very passionate artist 

"Barry Haughey"  - Barry Haughey – Founder of HoloGen, Digital artist & XR Education Curator | HoloGen – GatherVerse

we talked about movie history art in general, and we figured that we were both amazed by the approach and art of

Francis Bacon

And Hawkie told me about the remarkable fact that Francis Workshop got moved to Dublin after his death ... Francis Bacon's Art Studio In Dublin As It Was When He Died (, so a visit to Dublin is already fixed in my mind. 

And another outstanding long talk I had with 

"Roland Menzel" - co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer Dreamscape Immersive

It was a bit surreal; I didn't know him before, and we talked about art and film and the transition and overlapping elements of storytelling in an immersive context. 

He interviewed me a bit about how I arrived in the volumetric segment. After some long introduction to my road, I asked how he arrived at his company and what they do :) ... he mentioned that his partners, Steven Spielberg and Hans Zimmer, somehow ended up together. Since then, it has been an amazing journey for them all. -> ??? -> and I was WHAT ... who are your company Partners :) ... so YES, we went on for a long time about how it all happened and that we both think VR is a fantastic Meidum, which is closer to dreaming when it comes to transitions of the user inside of the Virtual Story Space.  

So I can say that with all the other talks and IRL meetups with old ZeroEvent XR Crowd members, it was an amazing time . 

P.S. Of course I met as well again:

Natasja Paulssen - Founder 4DR Studios Eindhoven

Oliver Scherer - Head of Immersive Media & Communication Group bei Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI

Yes, the Volumetric community is not so big. What reminds me, Oliver invited me as well, and as I visited Natasja, I should soon manage to visit Oliver in Berlin as well. 

In the picture, you see the Euromersive booth, François, and his business partner Anaïs Foin-hakes, thinking about the next steps connected to their Volumetric journey called ITHACA.

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