- United Voices of Europe - Group Project 

I am casting at the moment a Group Project together, which will include Directors & DOPs out of each European Country. A Project builds on an idea of collaboration and inspiration of each other. Each Director will work on his or her own 28 Minute Short Film. By this we all set a sign that we "the artists of Europe" still believe in the idea of Europe and of being and working together instead drifting apart. 

Visited Film Festivals of the last months  (Camerimage (Poland) / Black Nights Film Festival (Estonia) / In the Palace (Bulgaria) / IFFR (Netherlands) / Berlinale (Germany) / Cannes Film Festival (France) / Venice Film Festival (Italy)

- Ongoing  Group Project (since 2015) called "Staircase Stories" with shooting location around the World (growing to Feature Film)
- Feature Film Project - as Co-Writer/ Director - Working Title: You keep it with you

When you have been in a dangerous situation you never imagined before, it stays with you. ALL THE TIME.

- After 1st and 2nd Venice VR, I am preparing my self for my First VR Concept.

- Feature Film Project - by the 50/50 Duo - A Mid-Evil SciFi film

Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-22 um
- Feature Film Project - Co-Writer/Director/DOP - We stayed to the light went on

Coming of Age / Social Study / Alternativ  & Rock Discotheque / Ruhrpott end of 90ties