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Deutsches Bergbau Museum

Finally, I can show some bits and pieces of the 30-minute immersive project of the Deutsche Bergbau Museum at Bochum.


The realizing team of the project (storylab KiU) got me on board for the volumetric human recordings. I love the overall look the team achieved with my volumetric full-body recordings. 


I will soon post more in the scene "in engine" example of the settings.

All of this is still under evaluation in the next month for several school classes of different school forms.


Compared to the 2D big screen (12-meter half curve) version, a VR version exists.

I will try to implement here some sketch-fab micro animations of the Houdini outs of some of the scenes, plus I will set a Unity project in which I will only import the volumetric scenes and then record an OBS  in engine POV stream to show you how it is actually to walk a film scene in Volumetric 6Dof VR. 

In general, it was and is an honor to be part of this project about the future of museum storytelling. 

You now have the chance to watch some tiny bits of the bigger story. You see the main full room with the 12-meter half-curved video wall, and in front are three players, who have the chance to direct with their bodies the camera spinning of the scene in front of them as one of several interactions the project is offering to the user. 

12 meter immersive half curved video screen

  Test renderings  during development process

Screenrecordings from VR build

Screenrecordings from unity + volu asset

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