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Visit at 4DR Studios Eindhoven - 
and meeting Natasja Paulssen

What I can say is that the studio is impressive! The team is lovely, and Natasja loves Volumetric Video like I do! 

Natasja invited me and my family during our talk at Stereopisa Brussels.

I went with my wife and son (as seen in the recorded micro-moment).


We talked about volumetric assets, where they should be used, and how.

Natasja showed us some projects she and the team worked on.


We talked about her participation in the first computer game that uses

volumetric video assets of real actors, "The 7th Guest VR". 

The 7th Guest VR on Steam (

We talked about other IPs and projects, which I could imagine to be

gripping for using volumetric assets and specially shaped storytelling

to get the most out of it.

Suppose a client of mine is not interested in the quality I can deliver as a single freelance creator with my own volumetric Azure stage. In that case, I am more than willing to become the volumetric supervisor on handling this medium in its most efficient way, going to high-class studios like 4DR and their guide the client through the dos and don'ts and how to get out of the then even more significant investment the most impactful result for their project and their storytelling. 

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