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70th Cannes Film Festival 05-2017

Some Snapshots of my 70th Cannes Film Festival Days

Creative Europe Media - making future connections for "United Voices of Europe"

going to Sofia Coppolas Screening

Closing Party of the Producers Network Event of the Marché Du Film

At the Subtitle Panel ....

At Creative Europe Pavillion - gathering informations and meeting people

On my way to "Kiling of a Sacred Deer" - by YORGOS LANTHIMOS

With my friends of the Krakow Film Cluster

A nice place to work

European Film Forum - Highlight on increasing market ...

European Film Forum - Evolving financing Models - Panel

At the European Film Forum Subtitle Panel

A typical Situation ... not much batterie left in the middel of the night and you take Uber to your sleeping Spot

A possible future VR Cinema - @ NEXT VR of Cannes Film Festival 2017

A crazy always on the run industry audience ....

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