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Fashion - Woman once a Bird


The Closing Project of Janina Amrehn´s Fashion and Communication Study´s. 


A work by a creative collective of:           Fashion Design and Main Idea by Janina Amrehn 

                                                                  Produced by Janina Amrehn and Michael Bader

                                                                  Edit / Narrative Construction "without rules" by Gunar Peters

                                                                  Composed with total creative freedom by Holger Dix

                                                                  Choreography and Danced by Julia Paltschinskaja 


                                                                  My part of this production was to transmit the written motivation paper

                                                                       of the Fashion Designer (Main Concept) to the visual concept of this clip.

                                                                  Light and Image Design (DoP) as well done by myself. (Martn Demmer)


Shot on:
1 x 5D with a Canon 24mm T1.4
1 x 7D with a Canon 85mm T1.2


             1 Day technical Prep + 1 Day Main Shot + 1 Day Building down the the Studio Setup 





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