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Educational Work



In 2016 I spend time with teaching in several fields.


I started to be an educator of FilmMakerKids. (The KidsReporter) My part is to analyze which situation we are in and how we can translate it into the language of operating a camera or to an approach to filmmaking of any kind.


                 before the process of filming / during the process / and in the editing process 















      >> blurred to protect their identity <<


The Experience with the Kids is an amazing one for me because the purity of their decoding and the fast-working mind is kind of magic. I see immediately a reaction and further thoughts who teach myself as well a different approach. 






As well I started to educate young acting / theatrical students about the language of cinema and film, that they could create their own experimental footage for the use during their stage performance.






















I focused my lectures on framing and how the camera is moved, pushing the transmitted message from acting to the editing of telling pictures. Finally, we touched the use of light and colors to use them as a subconscious message. 









I created a lecture content for directors, that they learn basics of how LIGHT and DARKNESS can help or speak inside their films, to avoid a straight focus on the acting elements / that they learn how light leads and how it is connected to cultural pre-education. 

















Being undecided

Losing the ground under the feed

the stage - full light up

the power of editing connects by a repeated movement two different places in a subconscious way 

Film Culture Work:


In 2015 I have been one of four curators of the "Fiktiva Theater Film Festival 2015". 

We had to look through several hundreds of film applications to pick a chosen program

about the different styles of the Theatrical Film Genre.























And I had to prepare an introduction of the film of Paolo Sorrentino "La Grande Bellezza" so I bought and studied several of his films to present a deeper inside look to his approach to cinema and its language.  

- L´Uomo in Piu - 2001

- The consequences of love - 2004

- Il Divo - 2008

- This must be the place - 2011

- La grande Bellezza - 2013


To sum up my discovery about Paolo -> he is a student of movement of the camera from film to film. Over his career, he learns or experiments in each film more and more to move the camera to tell a major message. So as a major task to the audience of "La Grande Bellezza" they had to look with special focus to the movements of the camera at the beginning of the film so that they could analyze after the film if the main message was already hidden in the opening camera movement. 







In 2014 I have been one of two Curators to program a review or an overall view of different Works

of the last 20 Years of the Cinematography studies of the FH Dortmund. I shaped the result of 33 Films

(out of around 400 films) to 3 times a 2 hours Block (several DCPs) and worked out the running order.

Finally, it was presented at  "Camerimage 2014 - the Festival of the Art of Cinematography"


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