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Here a little example of how I prepare my work and it is only a part you see here. (Writer/Producer/Director/DOP/Editor)

The documentation sheets were used to have of each shot of the full short film all decisions written down for seconds thought or as a help to remember how the final decision looked like at the moment I pushed record ... 

Back and Forward INC. was/is my diploma film, I prepared this film very intense to keep control about the result as possible. 

 ... here only some examples ...

2015-11-04 22.52.49.jpg
2015-11-04 22.54.10.jpg
2015-11-04 22.54.59.jpg
2015-11-05 00.47.56.jpg
2015-11-04 22.53.22.jpg
2015-11-05 00.48.16.jpg
2015-11-05 00.48.46.jpg
2015-11-05 00.49.16.jpg
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