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Metaverse / Volumetric  Shooting for

In February I finally got my new Azure Sensors that I have now a set of 6 Azure Sensors. 


As well I updated my two Volumetric Workstations (one in Germany Essen and the other one in Poland Sopot) 


Vimmerse asked me to shoot with their DepthKit Studio Version and my updated hardware ...


so I will show some tiny bits and pieces from that shooting process of .. setting, matching & recording 

as well I will later upload some own additional unity tests results 

The shoot for Vimmerse showed another time matching and alignment is major for Volumetric Recording

As dancers I asked another time the dancers I already worked with in previous volumetric shootings 

Agnieszka Pulwak Agnieszka Pluwak | Facebook

Konrad Prus  Konrad Prus | Facebook 


As shooting location we choose Goyki3 rehearsal stage  Goyki 3 Art Inkubator | Facebook






The aim was to shoot with special half circle approach 120 to 140 degrees with a specific distance to the back-wall, as the room

and the background where of interest as well.


We did several takes with different speeds and with different songs.

So in the main "Top" clip you see the half circle results !!!

(Have a look to the back-wall the cleanness of their codec at the wall is something special ... what preserves memory like feeling)


But I as well added into the shooting schedule an additional shooting to compare EFEVE and DepthKit so I shot after DepthKit as

well the same setup with EFEVE Studio and then I changed the position and repeated the alignment session to get an "all sides" 

full circle setup again with DepthKit Studio and EFEVE Studio.

An interesting part was that Vimmerse and me tested and played with the recommended highest asset export method.


PNG stream of RGB + Depth // then trans-code the one row PNG into a two row PNG // then transcoding the PNG stream

by FFmpeg commando line code into  mp4 asset, we tested  as well the PNG sequence asset approach to create an

PLY + Texture Cord Asset

The asset are usable in different ways for example to implement in an VR build, AR build or even use able for a streaming use-case.


Vimmerse off-course has processed the material for their needs of their codec and platform  

I as well created again for in engine use a photogrammetry model (with around 500 photos and MetaShape) as an add on  which you will see when I show some in engine screenshots ...

- thin cloud

- dense cloud

- mesh 

- textures 

....large scale Point cloud web3 link will follow soon ... 

... as well soon ...


... I will include a a POV record of an unity project where I walk around the Unity Asset ...

Thx again to Vimmerse for their trust and the task to realize the Volumetric shooting for them. 

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