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Rough uncleaned PLY home recording test with 4 Azure Sensors

Here you see a very rough fast done and really not cleaned at all home recording test.


- No Light

- No Green-screen

- No edge cleaning 

- No bounding box 

- No nothing done ... 

and still if i would do to this recording only a basic minimal cleaning and reduce even the quality for 50% or even 75% it would create inside of an VR experience a effect of standing eye to eye to a real human who does some funny movements ... 

No Uncaney vally or no artificial feeling any manipulation ... 

Actually it is a little bit to compare like the daily news in the 50-60ties they have bin recorded on 16mm film stock and by daily consumption and the fact that this where the news the Black & White stock transmitted a feeling of authenticity much later color and video formats replaced the Black 6 White news and it stayed in the documentary genre and medium as indicator of authenticity. Later then when color get more and more dominant then Black & White film stock became an artistic choice and still mostly in the context of reduction to the truth. 


Like this is to understand the perception of an moving Point Cloud .


It is not cleaned, neither optimized ... it is with all its dirt and even holes and indicator and transmit the feeling of seeing a  real human but in VR 6dof you can walk around this real human and the feeling is a great one and very interesting for 6Dof VR or AR Storytelling.




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