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12 Sensor Shoot at Vilnius together with the creators of EFEVE 

Even when I work somehow with several different Volumetric Software (accordingly to the task)

I experimented a lot with EFEVE (for 2 Years I did intense tests with EFEVE and got over the time a deep knowledge and a lot of experience with the Software)

Now EFEVE reached out to me if I would be interested in joining a test for a big next high-level test in Vilnius. 

The plan was to shoot with 12 Azure Sensors and check the latest results of the implemented code. 

I know this will create fun and will lead to more knowledge in the Volumetric field as I usually to now shoot max with 6 Sensors. 

I de-montaged my 6 sensors of my greenscreen box in Germany and traveled with my sensors and all needed (requested) hardware to Vilnius. 

On the spot in Vilnius, I showed some of my 6 sensors settings and how I believed to position them, and we talked and experimented on the site with their 6 Sensors and my 6 Sensors for one of a kind 12 Sensor High-Level Shooting. 

My DOP knowledge about lighting became another time handy, and I not only prepared with them the Sensors as well, i worked on a LightSetup similare to my GreenBox Setup from Germany but without Green :) 

We did a 12  Sensor shoot and a 10 Sensor compare shoot. 

We tested the positioning of the sensors. 

We tested recording and post-pro workflows. 

It was a great time to meet the creators of EFEVE and work/experiment with them, as well give them some input on user needs feedback on functions and workflows. 

We will present some results soon. 


- Screen recordings from inside of EFEVE ... 
- I will try to add a VR walkable experience to the recording session.
    (as I did another time, a fast photogrammetry of the location itself to create a walkable memory )

maybe we will repeat this gathering soon again, as we both would like to test another thing and I hope to do it either in germany (essen) or poland (sopot) and if not on my locations then another time in vilnius ... 

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