Film as Art Form and Way of expressing a deeper Message 

Film and the Language of Storytelling, in all its layers and sublayers, is my main working field. 


For me as a Director, filmmaking is about finding your own voice and a way of shaping the cinematic language to the script or the message you want to tell.


As a Cinematographer, I support the vision of the director with all my knowledge and strength. The fact that I am a director myself helps to know how important it is to have a real main supporter (wingman) at your side, instead of having a second one who only follows her or his own way. So when I work as a cinematographer the director can be sure I know I have to respect her or his vision and help it become reality.





Dipl. Des. (FH) Martn Demmer

Essen, (Germany-NRW) & Sopot (Poland-ThreeCity)

Tel: 0049 178 83 63 0 79 




Sealed Time
A Volumetric Experience in Development - 2021
2019 VisualMoods4FeatureFilmScripts
The first results of "the 50/50 VisualStoryTeller Duo" - Iga Wasilewska & Martn Demmer
Venice VR Island 2018
Light into Darkness - Thoughts and Ideas
to most of the this years selected VR-ART
BR Lecture FSO (2017)
A Lecture result of my Lecture about the Power of Color, Framing and Rhythm.
Back and Forward INC. (2014)
Here the Main Cryptic Trailer to my Shortfilm
"Back and Forward INC."
Der Sohn / The Son (2012)
This example stand for very minimal fast lighting and minimal shooting setups. It is shot in ONLY four hours. I was the DOP without control over color correction.
Trailer of PTTNBS (2012)
Here the Trailer to the 30mins. Shortfilm
"Plane to the next Busstop"
(Co Producer/DOP/Co-Editor - Martn Demmer)
BAF Previsual Storyboard vs Final Film
Here a little example how i prepare my work
and it is only a part you see here.
Elements from PTTNBS 1
Here a short moment out of
Plane to the next Busstop
(Co Producer/DOP/Co-Editor - Martn Demmer)
Elements from PTTNBS 2
Here a short moment out of
Plane to the next Busstop
(Co Producer/DOP/Co-Editor - Martn Demmer)
Silent Elements - Woman once a Bird
This project was very special because each
artist had total creativ freedom.
(Visual Concept Designer/ Cinematographer)
Silent Elements - Fashion Clip 1
This Video was never full published because the rights to the music were never clear. So here you see just some silent Moments. (Cinematographer)
Silent Elements - Frozen in Time
Here a straight cinematographer work of me for the Fashion Designer - Christina Guesthuysen
(Martn Demmer - Cinematographer)
Rough Cinematography Example
this example stand for very minimal rough lighting - it was done for the polish Writer/Director - Kas Zawadowicz - to pitch a feature concept
Element - When Silence becomes a ...
Here a little moment out of my experimantel shortfilm - When silence becomes a problem
Bobby Spielt das Leben - Example 1
Here you find a DOP work example of me i achieved together with the amazing Steadycam Operator Robert Patzelt
Bobby spielt das Leben  - Example 2
Here a second DOP work example together with Steadycam Operator Robert Patzelt.
Bobby spielt das Leben - Example 3
... and Example 3. We decide for three major breathing moments split over the shortfilm.
(Martn Demmer - Director of Photography)
Moment out of Sonnenwende
A little moment out of "Sonnenwende" by Jonas Schweitzer-Faust.
I was the Cinematographer of the Project. (2009)
Moment of "Herr Kurschildgen und..."
Here a very early work of mine as Cinematographer. It was my big January 2008 Project."Together with the Director Jonas Schweitzer-Faust
Exports from RAW Footage
Here you find a short export of RAW Footage i did for "I am Here" and "Streetware Today"
16mm Black&White self developed
Fashionfilm - Woman once a bird
Here the full Version of the Fashionfilm
of the Creative Collective
(Visual Concept Designer and Cinematographer)
avalanche / redux by Sandra Birkner
Here another little work as Cinematographer. Installation by Clemens Behr / Director: Sandra Birkner / Editor: Edi Szekely ...
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I always try to follow a quote by Goethe:„Beginning and end of all artistic activity is the reproduction of the world around us through the world inside of us!"​. 












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