November 30, 2017

November 16, 2017

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In the Palace - International Film Festival - Bulgaria - 07-2017

July 4, 2017

CopyRight of the following Pictures are at "In the Palace 14th - International Short Film Festival" 


Being resprectfull and helpfull at the Q&A sessions of other invited "Directors" for the "In The Palace 14th" International Short Film Festival - I asked my questions in a way that the audience get to know more details about things I decoded during watching the other films.



Q&A of Bori Nagy - with Carmen Herrador  



Q&A of Nikola Kuzelov



me, constructing a question that the audience get to know more about filmmaking 



Q&A of Asparuh Frangov



Laura Danis asked as well very deep questions 



Q&A of Ilina Perianova - Interviewed by Carmen Herrador



Q&A of Delyan Iliev one of two main Actors of one of the National Competion Films



Q&A of Cyril Roc - interviewed by Teia Brînză (Teia was one of the other super interesting question creators) 



Q&A of Josua Hotz - Interviewed by Laura Danis


Q&A of Martin Iliev & Rositsa Trayanova - Interviewed by Laura Danis



Again me, always working on a statement about my decoding of the others directors work - I simply love the language of film and the different Approaches of different filmmakers 



 Jacopo´s lecture - ... turning the short film sector in a leading creative industry 



Q&A of Jordan Chichikov & Toma Waszarow - Interviewed by Carmen Herrador & Laura Danis



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